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Instant Timeline

The first Bankset sun solar module was installed in Central Switzerland in Zug under a patent from Bankset Group Geneve; with the Swiss Federal rails way, and then the French group Alstom offered a collaboration and tested the Bankset France system on the SNCF rails test track and suggested several ideas and since then Deutsche Bahn is the lead development partner.

Bankset the new way of rail treatment ! Proven cleaning machine.

Emission free track maintenance. Your Bankset solar track is always clean!

The Bankset Tamping Machine ,our first and perfectly successful tamping test machine with our French contractor Eiffage ! December 2021 ( Tamping with snow ! At – 5 celcius) No problemo !!!

Don’t be shy of innovations and progress the track is here for you !!!

Patrick Buri our founder and president with BMW the worlds best electric car powered with Batteries Made in Germany ! Quality and perfection invented and made in Austria and Germany .

Our maintenance and rails construction machines , always here for you !!! a perfect fit for Bankset solar!

Bankset solar is the future Made in Europe

Images speak better than words

What an amazing solution , unlimited electrical power over the rails network

Bankset in Italy Sud Tyrol testing the new Italian system for sure !

Bankset 2021

Bankset cargo on the track September 2021

testing revolutionary products to clean the rails line with old world and new ecological products the bankset solution is the best one , May 2018

. ..Bankset solar track in Germany , July 2020.