Bankset Energy sun solar on railsway Deutsche Bahn power supply, on grid , off grid and batteries . 2012-2021

part IX

Investors relations, bankset equities, shareholders and bonds prospectus

offering terms summary


Bankset Energy Railsway and Company. London Munich New York Hong Kong.

21 April 2021 Private offering anterior to the authorised Public offering.

Capital Stock 1 000 000 000 EUR

Each Share : 1000 EUR / 1 000 000 Shares

Incorporated March 1998 New York City,

Bankset Energy Railsway Corporation incorporated under the laws of the state of Delaware , authorised issuer.



offering specimen sample

Certificate Number : 1222-2112-1222-1222-112

Shares : 2000

This certifies that ________Mr John Doe _____________________________________________

Is the owner of __________________________________2000_________________________________________________

Shares of the capital stock of the Bankset Energy Railsway Trust Company London Munich New York Hong Kong.

Transferable on the book of the company by endowment hereon and surrender of this Certificate.


Secretary President




*Surrender of Stock Certificates. At the Closing (as defined), the Stockholders shall surrender the certificate(s) representing its shares of Company Stock, and in exchange therefor it shall be entitled to receive the Purchase Price.

**The Bankset annual dividend is the distribution of some of a company's earnings to of its shareholders, as determined by the company's board of directors. Dividends are payments made by Bankset companies as a reward to investors for putting their money into the venture.



Bankset equity offering sales desk:


tel 0044 20 81 33 42 52

(Investors relations contact)

Transfer agent, broker contact and payments: Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm GMT.

Please complete the enclosed shareholders registration form print in pdf and return via email or in the post to Bankset head office in Geneva Switzerland. Bankset Share Holders exchange , 3 rue des granges , 1204 Geneva Switzerland Europe.

[New Shareholder Application Form]





Passport Number:


Phone Number:

Fax Number:



Please indicate how many shares you would like to purschase;

___________ shares at 1000 EUR each

total ________________ EUR

Please wire the total in EUR or USD, this after email confirmation with the Bankset investors relations desk, to: Bank Swissquote account number IBAN: 11902-22212-12234-421CH.

Upon receipt of your wire, a share certificate will be send to you via email with an original certificate send in the post, duly signed by Bankset secretary and president.

For additional information please contact Bankset sales desk in Delaware USA or Hong Kong PRC, or Geneva EUR.



tel UK +44 20 81 33 42 52

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