Bankset Energy sun solar on railsway Deutsche Bahn power supply, on grid , off grid and batteries . 2012-2021

part VIII

Bankset project management and finance

Proven Systems project management

Bankset demonstration sites in Germany, operational since 2018 under the proof of concept (PoC) program.

Production Management has the scale, technology, processes, and expertise to help you enhance performance of your assets across the full value chain – developing or redeveloping your rails assets, increasing production, improving cash flow, and extending recovery.

Whatever the project entails, from full rails track management to production optimization in conventional and unconventional assets, we provide fit-for-purpose solutions based on our cutting edge technologies and innovations:

Asset Management

We provide end-to-end full field development plan execution and production management services, comanaging development and production projects to maximize the asset value under long-term contracts. Our scope of work involves comprehensive asset management from design to execution, including:

What we offer:

Greenfield Development

Design and execute field development plans of greenfield assets with complete management of:

What we offer:

Field Rejuvenation

Manage the redevelopment of brownfields to increase production, improve cash flows, and extend economic viability. Complete management of:

What we offer:

Production Enhancement

Increasing asset production based on improving power plant characterization, sun solar portfolio, surface processes, or optimization of secondary recovery. Complete management of:

What we offer:

Production Optimization

Improve day-to-day operations and production efficiency through the implementation of digital workflows and automation. We deploy resources, workflows, and technologies to assist you in running daily production monitoring and optimization, including:

What we offer:


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