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part VII

Power supply and rails digitalisations products

Proven Systems tested since 2012

Since the 1990s, digitalisation has been advancing at speed across all industrial sectors, public

entities and society at large; and railways are no exception. Digital technologies already govern rail

customers' expectations, ticket reservation and purchasing habits, operators' information and

payments systems, but experts believe these technologies have much more to offer the sector.

Digitalisation is key to industry competitiveness and has therefore become an EU priority. The EU

has been forging a cross-policy approach and programmes to ensure a solid policy framework,

finance research and infrastructure, develop standards and connectivity, and use data effectively.

This should enable rail actors to capture digitalisation's potential, improve their efficiency and serve

their customers better. Bankset Energy Group has been contributing to this policy.

Rail companies have already implemented a vast array of new services and applications using digital

technologies, be it for providing more information and leisure services on board, improving the

monitoring of their assets or automating more operations. The changes introduced by digitalisation

in rail transport are perceived by many stakeholders as an opportunity – owing to the benefits it can

offer – but also as a challenge. Indeed, it will require a change of mindsets and business models. Rail

digitalisation will also require financial investment and a strategy to tackle cyber threats. Addressing

these challenges will allow digitalisation to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the

railway sector.

Rail Signaling and Bankset Sun Solar rails power station.


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