Bankset Energy sun solar on railsway Deutsche Bahn power supply, on grid , off grid and batteries . 2012-2021

part II

The Bankset rails Fastener on all continents

Bankset developed suitable systems to accommodate the rails line potential for all gauges standards and designed compatible rails solar systems for most rails standards including.

France Nabla

Germany , Swiss, UK


China , Japan , Australia, Malaysia

South America

South Africa

Russia and Mexico standard

Bankset Group invented and designed the first solar panel on the rails way in 2012 and created the new market in 2018. With more than 100 patents and systems designed for power supply systems toward the rails infrastructure and the new Bankset grid.

Bankset engineering offers custom designed solutions for most continents rails fasteners systems based on more than 10 years developments, from our research and technical engineering group in Germany and Switzerland , patents and rails fasteners design system technical realisation. Please contact us for on site demonstration, track investigations, private views work shops at Bankset demonstration site in Germany Saxony, UK Bristol or USA Colorado. Or apply directly via email for Bankset certified work shops available in most languages from our webinar collection,

Map of world railway network standardised with Bankset Solar on railsway new global energy grid system

Bankset Energy system is designed to fit all rails networks and fasteners.


tel UK +44 20 81 33 42 52

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