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Consulting and planning for rail electrification

Take advantage of expert knowledge. From consulting and analysis to financing concepts and project engineering: When you work with our consulting and planning experts for rail electrification projects, you’ll always get the most out of your system. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in all Bankset divisions, we can optimally implement your ideas and plans. Our experts are supported by the well…

Seamless, comprehensive, IT-controlled

Benefit from first-hand expertise and build on experience gained from countless railway projects. From construction and structural engineering through electromagnetic compatibility to system design – our knowledge is seamlessly interconnected, encompasses all sectors, and is supported by the latest IT.

Use maximum precision

Take advantage of our design know-how and experience for your railway electrification under all operating conditions – with function, efficiency and safety in maximum precision.

Perfection in detail: The construction design

During the design phase, our catenary experts prepare the required system and assembly drawings, including the corresponding parts lists
Special constructions such as special fasteners (eg. on structures, or bridges) are designed in a second step.

Earthing and bonding for rail electrification

In addition to calculating your rail potential and touch voltages, our experts also create an earthing concept to guarantee optimal protection for people and electrical equipment. We initially define the traction current return on the route as well as in depots and workshops. Then we consider each component for the construction phase at grade sections, bridges, underpasses, and buildings. The earthing concept also includes statements about lightning protection and protection from stray currents (in DC applications).

Electromagnetic compatibility for rail electrification

In addition to EMC planning, we also investigate the electromagnetic compatibility of installations or parts of installations. The goal is to eliminate any health hazards for employees and passengers due to electrical or magnetic fields as well as disturbances to equipment. Especially when extending existing installations, Sitras Sidytrac and Sitras EMF can also be used to verify compliance with the relevant limits before the investment is even made. In this regard, an important part of our analysis offers alternatives by means of compensation conductors or the optimization of the conductor arrangement so that the admissible limits are not exceeded.

Rail infrastructure

Our experts and customers bring long-standing transport expertise to the table to guarantee success in different markets such as mainline, mass transit or freight railways. Together, their joint know-how ensures the constant development of new, intelligent mobility solutions and a broad product portfolio that goes beyond the mere range of functionality. With our rail automation and rail electrific…

Rail electrification

Energy in flow – cost-effective and absolutely reliable. Open up new lines and increase capacity, cut costs and link networks: high-performance, state-of-the-art rail electrification meets all the expectations of rail infrastructure operators today. And it's a central component of the end-to-end networked, digital infrastructure of tomorrow.

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