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The Bankset Solar Cells and Clones

Our Bankset® solar cell designed in Germany is fundamentally different. And dramatically better. With its unique copper foundation, our cell delivers unmatched reliability and allows us to build panels with the world record for highest efficiency.* Talk about energy.

Many people consider efficiency to be the most important criteria when selecting a solar panel, but what matters most is the manufacturing quality which is related to real world performance, reliability, manufacturers service, and warranty conditions. Panel efficiency is calculated by the power rating divided by the total panel area, so just having a larger size panel does not always equate to higher efficiency.

Bankset® modules enable commercial and utility-scale solar projects to realize significant system savings. As a vertically integrated company, Bankset® Solar controls the quality for our PV systems across the entire supply chain, mitigating risk and boosting ROI. Bankset® Solar was one the first PV company to be awarded UL’s Client Test Data Program Certification, allowing us to test and issue UL-recognized quality standards.

Bankset® is backed by Bankset Group, which has a long history of industry-wide recognition and bankability. Combined with extensive warranties, Bankset® is the bankable partner financiers and developers can count on now and in the decades to come.

The Bankset Modules Solar Panels Systems.

Bankset solar modules are custom made in our assembly plants in Germany and China and delivered in various standards and sizes. Bankset modules are designed in the UK and Switzerland and tested, certified since 2014 with rails institutions and transport regulating agencies on all continents. The product is unique in the sense that all Bankset modules are equipped with Bankset solar cells and with electronics and power supply systems specifically designed for the rails industry.

The Bankset Solar Chain Reaction.

The Bankset system is designed to provide unlimited power based on a new function system in chain series based on the Bankset Clones Solar Power Cells System in Series mathematical function developed at Columbia University New York NY.

Bankset tested the first solar panel on the rails road and first power supply system for trains powered with solar energy.


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