Lower Cost

We offer cost-effective electrification solutions either as a standalone discipline or as part of a multi-disciplinary project.

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High Reliability

From remodelling and upgrading existing infrastructure to constructing new systems, we cover all phases of the project.

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High Power Generation

Our capabilities encompass design engineering and construction for various rail systems, LV , MV, HV.

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From remodelling and upgrading existing infrastructure to constructing new systems, we cover all phases of the project lifecycle.

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Bankset Power Station

Over 10 years experience with Deutsche Bahn, Photovoltaic railsway construction and maintainance strategies.

Bankset Energy Systems

Guardians of the Blue Planet

Our Bankset® solar module designed in Germany is fundamentally different. And dramatically better. With its unique foundation designed for the rails way, our modules delivers unmatched reliability and allows us to build rails tracks based power plants with the world record for highest efficiency and reliability.


Bankset Energy Systems

Talk About Energy

Many people consider efficiency to be the most important criteria when selecting a solar panel, but what matters most is the manufacturing quality which is related to real world performance, reliability, manufacturers service, and warranty conditions. Panel efficiency is calculated by the power rating divided by the total panel area, so just having a larger size panel does not always equate to higher efficiency.


Bankset Module

Sun, Solar on railway, the power station coming to you: High voltage, Medium voltage and Low voltage.

Our Targets & Ambitions

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Security and safety measure implemeneted along side the entire value chain.

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Bankset the Best For Your Energy

Bankset has become an integrated PV enterprise with high-purity polysilicon production.

Bankset Energy Systems

Affordable Access

Bankset modules are equipped with Bankset solar cells and with electronics and power supply systems specifically designed for the rails industry.

Bankset Energy Systems

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We are the energy transition driver for the mobility of the future